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(Tuesday, January 8, 2008)

I've recently talked about BitLet which is a wonderful web application for anyone who's going to torrent something, but YouTorrent is another website everyone interested in torrenting should take a look at. YouTorrent is a torrent searching site that 'Searches in real time' (According to the website). It launched recently but has already had more then 150,000 searches, which just shows for popular it is. YouTorrent searches twelve sites including ThePirateBay, SeedPeer, Mininova, IsoHunt, and BitTorrent. In other words; you'll probably find anything you're looking for.

The website has a clean interface, and can let you modify your search based on date, name, the size, number of seeds/peers, and which site you want to search. There is also a list of the most popular searches as well as a list of the related results. I've tried a few searches myself, and I've found that although you only get a maximum of 500 results, you'll get the results quite fast. It takes no time at all.

Think of this as the Google of Torrents. It's a wonderful search engine, and I encourage you to check things out.


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