WeStream: Streaming Music from a Torrent

(Tuesday, January 8, 2008)

If you've ever torrented music, then you've got to try out WeStream, which is a web app developed by BitLet. BitLet is a wonderful online-torrent-downloading program. Instead of going through the trouble of downloading a client like BitTorrent or uTorrent, just enter the '.torrent' file to BitLet and you'll be able to download the program. It's extremely useful for those people on the go who just want to download something nice and last.

The geniuses at BitLet have created another web app called WeStream with will let you upload songs that have a '.torrent' and listen to them on the website. This is extremely useful for those people who just want to listen to some songs, or want to see the quality of the song they are downloading as well as how the song sounds. I'm sure many people have wasted time downloading a song only to find out that the song sucks or the quality sucks. Be warned that the song should have a few seeds and peers otherwise the download sleep is going to be really slow. This is a great tool that everyone who torrents or loves music should have. Although WeStream only supports OGG and MP3 songs at the moment, more are come in the future so stay tuned.

This really is the best way for previewing your songs.


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