Windows Mobile 7 Photos Leaked

(Monday, January 7, 2008)

Photos of the new Windows Mobile 7 have been leaked a
nd I have to say everything looks awesome. The interface looks very clean, and it looks like something everyone would want. The colors blend into each other, and it all seems very slick and futuristic. Seems like Microsoft is taking a leaf out of Apple's book by making it looks so great.

Not only does the concept looks great, it's also a Multi-Touch phone, and to be honest, the UI looks better then the current iPhone UI. Pictures like these show the amazing animations as the phone comes out of sleep.

There is also a motion detection included, and the screen will respond depending on how you shake it. It would be great to just shake my phone to get it to come out of sleep instead of using my finger to press a a button.

One of the pictures surprised me very much because it showed the phone with Microsoft Office 2007 in the background. Plus, it wasn't a run down version either; it looked exactly as it would look if it was on your computer. This is just amazing. If phones could start emulating programs to look exactly the way they look on your computer, then there would be a big boom in the phone industry. People would rush out
to buy phones with Windows Mobile 7 because they would like a text editor that they are familiar with as well as something that doesn't looked like it's been tampered with. It started with browsers, but if Microsoft or Apple could have an mobile version of an operating system; with all its glory looking exactly as it would on my computer, I would totally rush out to buy it. No hesitation. If that could happen, then my phone would just be a small version of my computer at home. If the screen was big enough, it would even replace my laptop.

This looks like a great jump for Microsoft. If Microsoft can pull this off and have everything look the way these pictures show it; this is going to be very successful. It's all up to Microsoft. I really do hope they pull this off because this is something I would like to buy.

I think I just heard Steve Job's jaw drop.

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