Napster now DRM-Free

(Monday, January 7, 2008)

First Amazon. Now Napster.

CEO Chris Gorog said, "As there is now a critical mass of support for MP3s we are very pleased to announce we will soon offer our customers the user-friendly MP3 file format throughout our product line-up and provide the top-tier content our users expect from Napster. The ubiquity and cross-platform compatibility of MP3s should create a more level playing field for music services and hardware providers and result in greater ease of use and broader adoption of digital music."
From the way things are looking, DRM is going to be a thing of the past. Thank goodness. Of course, this isn't going to affect pirates, but it's wonderful news for the people who buy songs that don't want to be stuck with iTunes forever. DRM free really is the way to go, and I'm glad that there are so many sources for getting DRM free music. Amazon was one of the early adopters, and it's good to see other companies starting to catch onto the idea that DRM free music is the way to go.


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