Microsoft admits UAC was a Bust

(Thursday, January 3, 2008)

Well, Microsoft didn't exactly say that the UAC sucked, but according to this page in the Microsoft support section, Microsoft knows that there are some flaws with the UAC. The instructions on the linked page tell you how you can optimize the UAC to be disabled on certain programs. This is just another way of Microsoft saying "The UAC is extremely annoying. We are sorry we had to put you guys through that." I think it's quite great, but after looking at the instructions, I can see that Microsoft makes disabling a program a difficult thing to do. There are 11 steps which include downloading a program and using the command prompt. Not something that beginners would enjoy doing.

Regardless of that, I am happy that Microsoft considered making a function which will allow people to disable the UAC for certain applications. Pretty much everyone who's usually Vista right now has already disabled the UAC just because of how annoying the pop up was. Hopefully, as Microsoft improves the method for disabling the UAC, more and more users will enable the UAC again. This is going to make the UAC a lot easier to bear.

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