Comcast: 100Mbps Coming Later This Year.

(Tuesday, January 8, 2008)

Comcast has announced at CES that 100Mbps connections are coming this year, which is a huge jump considering most users barely have 3Mbps connections, and only a lucky few have FiOS getting around 20Mbps (And those extremely lucky people with 50Mbps connections). Comcast will be releasing a DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications) 3.0 which will hopefully get up to speeds of about 160Mbps within a few years. The DOCSIS 3.0 protocol will be released this year, so do expect a huge change in your download speed. Verizon, better watch out.

Although this is really bad news for those who use DSL and the poor chaps who use Dial-Up, along with the companies that run DSL/Dial-up, it's great news for anyone serious downloaders. Of course, if Comcast still blocks access to torrents, this speed isn't going to help pirates at all. However, the rest of us can enjoy sitting back and downloading games without leaving the computer on overnight. I do have to say that as this rate, I can't wait to see the internet in the future. 100Mbps is extremely fast, and you'll be able to get Gigs of data in minutes. Combine this with a large hard drive, and you'll be able to get a quarter of the internet on your computer. Which makes me think; perhaps we'll be able to download the entire internet in the future, and be able to access it without having to actually go online. Awesome.

We still might have to wait a few years before we actually get the promised '100Mbps connection', it's still a nice thought, and this is something that we will have. A moment of silence for the old 56k connection days. Farewell, it was nice knowing you.


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