Watch TV on your PC with AnyTV

(Tuesday, January 22, 2008)

If any of us wanted to watch Television on our computer, we would probably have to get a TV Tuner. If we were too cheap to buy a TV tuner, then we'd stick it to old YouTube. But that's not good enough. I want to watch television, and I want to watch it now. Thanks to a nifty free program called AnyTV you can watch many television shows on your computer. You don't need to register or buy any additional hardware. Just download the program, find what you want to watch, and start watching. These numbers are just an idea of the amount of shows you could be watching.

  • 2630+ Online TV
  • 6910+ Video clips
  • 4750+ Online Radio
Not only that, but you can even get shows from different countries. Although AnyTV might not be as popular or as great as Joost, it's still a great start and a wonderful application for those who just want to sit down and watch some television on their computer. Shame it's only for Windows. At least it's free.

via Technobuzz

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