The Downfall of MMORPGs

(Thursday, January 24, 2008)

Now don't get me wrong. I love playing MMORPGs, and spend many a night up late smashing that troll on the mountainside with my wooden stick. I really enjoy playing MMORPGs, but I've found that my love for them have slowly dwindled. I'm starting to think that it could be possible for MMORPGs to start to fade. It's not the game itself, because the games are always exciting. It's the people who play the games. And it's not everyone who plays; it's only some. They ruin the gaming experience for everyone and make others feel like they don't want to play anymore. It only takes a few select individuals to ruin the games for everyone. There are spammers, scammers, hackers, trolls, and every other disgusting creatures you can think of. They ruin the entire experience of playing a roleplaying game, and they are going to end up being the reasons that less people play MMORPGs.

These guys are everywhere; from forums to social networking sites. They are even in games, which is a bust. I mean, who wants to hear someone repeating the same thing over and over again? I've got a message to everyone who has ever spammed. We f-ing heard you to first time. Shut up. It seems that many players seem to think that the more you spam the longer your e-penis because that's exactly what they do. They spam like there is no tomorrow. This is especially in the MMORPGs that have a marketplace. You'll jump into the marketplace on a popular channel, and see huge blocks of text everywhere saying "SELLING XXX! 5 GOLD" or something like that. Except they use more '!' and '@'. A lot more. I might be neutral about this if the spammers kept their business in the marketplace, but they don't. These people will spam everywhere. When you're training, when you're raiding, I've even had someone try to sell 'Free Cash' when I was casually chatting with some friends. These people need to be stabbed by the 'Sword of a Thousand Truths'. Seriously.

Way to take advantage of the newbies. Scamming has become more and more popular because it's easy to get items from the new players. Even if a scammer was dealing with a veteran, the scammer would still be able to get some stuff by resorting to the old "I'm a hot girl. I'll cyber with you for 1,000 gold". And it works. I just feel bad for the new players because I highly doubt they would want to keep playing a game in which everyone tries to take advantage of them. They don't want to be exploited. So stop trying to get whatever rare items they have in their pants.

Another way of pissing people off. Hacking in a single player game is alright, because your actions don't affect others. In an online game, whenever you hack, you're making thousands of people angry because you have an advantage. Plus, some script kiddies are extremely annoying, and 'hack' by trying to kill you or mess you up in anyway possible. Oh, and most of you guys can't even call yourself hackers. You don't hack. You guys are script kiddies, so don't make it look like it's a hard thing to do. Anyone could get the instructions for hacking a game, but we don't do it because we want to play the game fairly, and not ruin the experience. I'm sorry to saw that you guys have failed the point of online gaming, because it certainly isn't to cheat your way through.

These guys are just idiots that everyone meets. These are the ones who start swearing for no good reason, and the people who just want to pick fights with you. But they don't know how to argue. The smartest response you're get out of them is "Your Mom". Yeah. "Your Mom" is the best thing they could come up with. What's worse is that these guys seem to thinking that making you hate the game is their job. They try their hardest to annoy you into quitting the game. They do everything in their power to make you want to invent something which would allow you to punch these guys through your screen.

With all these types of people, playing single player games seem a lot more inviting. At the rate AI is developing at the moment, it won't take long before AI is somewhat close to human intelligence. It might take a while, but it's worth the wait. Someone should create a game in which you can play popular MMORPGs but not see certain people that others have deemed to not be a good user. These players should just be blocked from the game.

These people are the reason that I'm playing MMORPGs less. I know it might be stupid to stop playing MMORPGs because of these people, but it is quite hard to enjoy yourself when most people are acting like idiots. I know that there are many game Admins who are trying to get rid of these types of people, but it's extremely hard to get rid of them all. They just keep coming back. With any popular MMORPG, you'll see spammers, scammers, hackers, and trolls. Maybe it's time to move on to a new type of game. Maybe it's time to up the security and ban these people. Maybe it's time a genius creates a game that gets rid of all these trolls.

Whatever might happen, I feel that certain people are pushing people away from playing MMORPGs. Until those people are gone, I guess I'm back to playing with consoles and bots. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

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