There are just times when we want a disposable e-mail account. Maybe we are forced to sign up using our e-mail address. Then, after registering, we never have to e-mail the site, yet we still get tons of spam regarding 'Hot Deals!'. Other times, we just don't trust a site with our real e-mail address. Who knows what type of 'things' they'll send us? I certainly don't want man-on-vegetable action in my inbox. Luckily, there are a few services out there which allow us to get a disposable e-mail account for free.

Before handing out the links, I just wanted to explain how most of these sites worked. When you go to the site, there will be a temporary e-mail address created for you. Use that address to register for a site, and you'll be able to access the e-mail account from the site. If you need more time, just click on "Give me ___ more minutes".

10MinuteMail - The title says it all. You get an e-mail account that expires in 10 minutes.

- When using the free account, your DodgeIt e-mail expires in seven days, and it isn't password protected. You also make up your own e-mail address. ( - With this site, you'll be creating a spambox account which will forward e-mails to your real account and then expires. This will help because you'll be getting the registration e-mail in your real e-mail account, but the site you registered on won't be able to send you spam (that is, if your spambox account has expired). You can choose between 30 minutes to 1 year.

- Great site for a disposable e-mail account. Gives you a 15 minute e-mail account.

MintEmail - Probably one of the best sites for a disposable e-mail account. Just go to the site, and an e-mail account will be created, and copied to your clipboard. The account will last 4 hours, but you can change that. Like spambox, MintEmail also allows for e-mail forwarding.

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