Everyone has been making predictions about what technologies they will see in 2008, but I wanted to do something different. Instead of making a list of the things I'm looking forward to in this year, I'll be making a list of the things I don't want to see. With every year, there are some things we all want to see, but there are also that make you cringe and hope it never comes out.

1. Vista SP1
This is supposed to be good thing for all the Vista users, but I'm just not looking forward to it. I know that Vista SP1 is going to be a big disappointment, and because of that, I just don't want to see it released. I don't want to download a Service Pack if it's not going to really fix anything. I've read numerous reviews about Vista SP1 Release Candidate, and although there seems to be a few changes in speed issues, many people just don't notice anything new. And that Anti-Pirate-Nag system? No thanks. Nagging is never good. The worse thing about SP1 Microsoft only has a few more months to work on this, and at the rate they are currently working, it doesn't seem like they can improve SP1 a lot. By the time Microsoft releases SP2, most users would have given up hope and left for Leopard or Linux. I can't wait to be disappointed.

2. RIAA Lawsuits

Seems that the workers at the RIAA are still drunk from the party celebrating their victory against Jammie Thomas. They seem to be under the delusion that everyone who uploads or downloads something on the internet should be looked at as a target. The RIAA is going to be hated by every pirate out there. Perhaps they'll even be hated by those who are legit downloaders, because I doubt anyone wants to be pursed by the RIAA because they downloaded an MP3 that was copied from a CD
. The RIAA is going to be cracking down on everyone in 2008, so enjoy knowing that you're going to be watched, and possibly rope you into another lawsuit. Too bad they don't have the brains to make you pay.

3. Facebook and Beyond

2006 went to MySpace. 2007 went to Facebook. What's next? Is there going to be a new social site called 'MyBook' or 'FaceSpace'? I don't care if there is just one social site that everyone is on, but migrating every year is the dumbest thing ever. Not looking forward to a new Social Network at all. Besides, it's going to be the same thing all over again.

1. A few people discover the new social site, and begin to use it because it's 'wonderful'
2. New spreads, and the new site flourishes.
3. Those people from Facebook begin to migrate, and the founder of the site becomes famous.
4. Some people get tired of the newer members who are spamming and ruining their experience.
5. They leave and discover a new site.
6. Rinse and Repeat.

Find one. Stick to it. And stop being overly dramatic about the information you posted on it.

4. Chris Crocker
I hate this guy.

Because of his overly emotional act, he's now famous on the internet. There have been many parodies about the guy, and hundreds of imitations of him on YouTube. Thanks for infesting the internet with "Leave Britney Alone".

I expect we'll be seeing more of Mister Crocker, due to Jamie Lynn's pregnancy. Hooray.

5. 'I'm a Mac' Ad
I don't really care if Apple decides to advertise another way, but making fun of PC and Windows isn't exactly the best way to advertise. Every single 'I'm a Mac' ad is the same.

1. PC and Mac say "Hi"
2. PC says a problem, Mac tries to console
3. Mac says something about being good at 'Videos and Movies'
4. Makes fun of Vista
5. End

It's the same thing every single time. The entire point of the ads is to make Microsoft look bad. In fact, the best parody I've seen is the one by South Park, which pokes fun of both Operating Systems.

Apple tries to make the ads humorous, but I see much funnier parodies on YouTube. Seriously, if you're going to advertise, don't use the same things every single time. Be a little bit more creative.

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