21 Things to do When You're Bored

(Friday, January 11, 2008)

We all get bored at some time or another. Here are some sites for you to waste time whenever you feel like you're getting bored.

Meebo - If you're on a computer that doesn't allow you to download anything, and you just want to talk with some friends, Meebo is for you. SIgn up, and log into clients like ICQ, AIM, MSN, and more.

k2xl - Ten extremely fun games for you to play. My personal favorite is Boomshine. Try to get all the dots!

xkcd -The best comic ever. Must see. "A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language" Indeed.

Explosm - Home of the popular 'Cyanide and Happiness' Comics. More stick figures. Yeah!

ArmorGames - ArmorGames has a massive collection of games for you to play, including the new Portal Flash game.

LineRider - Play around with some physics as you create your own landscape. Then watch the boy 'ride' down. Endless fun.

Picnik - Edit all your photos in your browser. Quite fun to mess around the tools.

Digg - Find just about anything in the great social site. Browse through the hottest news, videos, and images with this great site.

Urban Dictionary - Might have some profanity, but this site has the definition of everything. You can even make your own definitions. A great place for some laughs.

Flash Flash Revolution - The online version of DDR. You don't even need to sign up (though you'll miss out on some features)

About - The place to go if you want to learn about something. For those curious or for those who want to learn more.

Open Hulu - A version of Hulu that doesn't require you to get a Beta Invite. Watch full episodes of your favorite TV shows.

Way Back Machine - Ever wondered what a website used to look like? Head on over, and check out what the most popular websites looked back in the old days.

Slacker - When you want to listen to come music, just sign up, and fire up Slacker. There are tons of categories, and great for those who just want some music.

Odeo - Want to listen to come Podcasts or Music? Odeo is the place to be. This old site probably has the largest list of podcasts and music out there.

Keybr - Instead of spending all that free time wasting time, why don't you practice your typing skills? Keybr will help you do just that.

Jooce - Currently in Beta, Jooce will allow you to play around with a virtual desktop within your browser. Watch videos, chat, and share files all in the comfort of a great UI.

Fark - Greatest source for news. Or rather, 'Not News'.

Technorati - Check out Technorati to find the best blogs for you to read. Tons or categories, tons of blogs.

Metacafe - Learn how to crack a safe, build a laser, and much more. Have fun while learning in the process.

Instructables - The site for 'Do It Yourself'-ers. Plenty of guides, and a place to go if you want to make something.

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