Speed Read Like a Pro

(Thursday, January 17, 2008)

There will always be a time in our life in which we need to read something...fast. Whether it be a large blog post, or an important document given to your by your boss; you're going to want to speed read if you need to finish it fast. Speed reading is a skill that everyone should have. If you're a good speed reader, you can read faster and understand more. Plus, even your boss will be amazed at how efficient you were. However, the problem is that it's really hard to practice speed reading. Worry no more.

There is a website called Spreeder which is designed to help you practice your speed reading skills. Just paste in the block of text that you want to read, click on settings, and change them to suit your needs. If you're starting out, you should change it so that you're reading less words per minute and make the words bigger. It might seem boring at first, but if you paste in all the articles you're going to read that day into spreeder, you can slowly increase the WPM that you read.

This is a great tool for everyone who spends a lot of time reading. Go out there, learn to speed read, and be the first to finish a long blog post. Remember; On the internet, the faster you are, the more fans you get. You'll be the first to translate a tech story. You'll be the first to submit something on digg. You'll be the first to taunt a guy for a stupid blog post. Whatever it is, you'll always be first.

Speed read on. Speed read on...


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