"Kwout" the World

(Wednesday, January 30, 2008)

The world is all about quoting what other people have said. This might include quoting people from forums, blogs, and other different sites. It's always to quote someone from another site because not only do you need to retype (or at least copy and paste) what the person said, you need to give your source. It's great that there is an awesome web application call Kwout. Kwout is extremely to use, and will allow you to take snips certain parts of a website, then allow you to upload it to Flickr, Tumblr, or your own website. There is a bookmarklet at Kwout which will make things even easier. Just jump unto the site you want to 'Kwout', and click the bookmarklet. Then, drag your mouse to clip out the section of the website you're interested in. Kwout will take care of the rest.

Kwout is 'supposed' to be used to quote others, but I've found that it could also be used to save an image. Sure, the 'Save Image As' button might be faster, but Kwout will allow you to mess around with the borders making it round or adding a shadow behind the image.

Try it out. You'll be surprised how much you love it.

via Kwout

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