10 Words Every Gamer Should Use

(Wednesday, January 16, 2008)

These days, gaming is everything. Everyone plays them, whether it be nine year olds rocking Guitar Hero or a Grandma pwning everyone online. It's just part of what we all do now, and what with all the games available, there are games for everyone. Online games are one of the biggest fads in the game industry because we are all demons inside and we love the prospect of smirking silently when we totally owned someone. With online gaming comes chat, and with chat comes certain words that many gamers will use. Here are some of the basic words that gamers would use. If you're interested in gaming, learn these words, and you'll be as pro as Leroy Jenkins.

1. l33t
This word is 'Leet' which is basically saying that you are elite. And you are. Make no doubt about it. If ever you do something that is somewhat cool, or if you just want to add in a few filler words. 'Leet' would be it. Note that you need to spell it with the '3' not the 'e'. Don't forget that you and only you are leet. Everyone else is not leet. You own them.

2. n00b
Possibly the most used word in any online game. Use this to insult anyone and everyone. Did someone just sneak up on you? They're a n00b. A sniper? n00b. Teammate who made fun of your weapon choice? n00b. That hippie from across the street? n00b. Someone crash your dragon raid? n00b. Everyone who even thinks for a second that they are better then are n00bs. Kick them down like they are the scum of the earth and make sure that they themselves know they are a n00b. They are all newbs.

3. stfu
Literally, "Shut the **** up". Be sure to add 'n00b' to then end of this word. Use this whenever you're annoyed by that little bugger who you can't seem to spot practicing his ABC typing skills in the chatbox. Of course, cursing at him using the real words would be a lot better then usually slang. Nevertheless, saying 'stfu' is bound to get you some attention.

4. laggg
This word is a life saver. It's your excuse for everything. And I mean everything. Accidentally shot all your teammate? laggg. Forgot to rush along with everyone else? Lag. Died? Lag. Didn't remember to heal a teammate? Lag .Got lost? Laggg. Whatever the problem, you can always blame lag. Remember, it's never your fault. It's your internet connection that's to blame. Always.

5. hax
If someone is really good, tell them they are 'Haxing'. It does not matter if you see them hit you. It doesn't matter if they were spraying. It doesn't even matter if they threw a grenade and killed everyone. They are 'haxing'. If they complain and try to say that they aren't hacking, call them a haxx0r anyway because they are denying it.

6. gey
Almost exactly like n00b. You can use this in any situation you feel necessary. And anything can be gey. Weapons can be gey, maps can be gey, people can be gey, and anything else you can think of of can be gey. They are all, and all well be, 'gey'. Except you of course.

7. w00t
The word of 2007. Who wouldn't use it? Use this whenever your happy about something. Did you just bash up your n00b? w00t! Found the Sword of a Thousand Truths? w00t. Friend got laid? w00t! Use this whenever you like. Be warned that if you use it too much, people will think you're on something, and will request that you share that something.

8. pro
You are pro. You are. A. Pro. You are the best of the best, strongest of the all, smartest in the bunch, and sexiest out of everyone you're playing with. You are the king. You are the pro. Of course, if the strongest person on the server were to appear in front of you, it wouldn't hurt to call them pro now would it. Other then that, you are the only one entitled to this word. Carry it well young Jedi...

9. kill steal
Whenever you shoot someone, and someone else kills the person and gets rewarded for that kill; they just kill stole you. Beat the hell out of them. Swear, scream, make up "Your Mom" jokes, taunt, and do whatever you can to make them feel miserable because they are the biggest n00bs ever. No one kill steals you. No one. It doesn't matter if you only did 1 damage. They kill stole from you, and they deserve to die. Make them suffer.

10. pwn
Pwn. Say it to everyone you killed, everyone you beat, everyone you owned. Show them just how strong you are. Show them how many people you can kill. Show them that you're better then them. Pwn them like they are Barbie Dolls. Show them who's boss. You pwn, and they are n00bs. That is the law now.

There you go. Misspell, swear, freak out, and most of importantly, have fun. And don't forget one of the most important quotes ever:
The cockier you are, the longer your E-Penis.

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